Experiments in Film: Wavelength (1967)

I considered providing a full out review for this experimental short film, but decided that I could not do it justice given its rather sparse narrative and heavy artistic commentary.  What I can do, however, is provide you with a link to Micheal Snow's study if constructionist filmmaking and demand that you watch the work.  It is a 45 minute film that studies a single room, whilst slowly zooming into a picture in the rooms center.  At random intervals people enter and leave the room, nothing more happens, save for some physical alterations to the film which are fair play in the world of experimental film.  I can only infer that Snow's possible commentary was that of societies indifference to others, and, like the camera in the film, we concern ourselves with the "big picture" while failing to realize the intricacies and problems literally lying in our line of vision.  Again, I am only offering words, watch the film for your self and create your own opinions. Click the picture below to watch the film on Google Video, as it is one of the only ways to do so as it is sadly unavailable to U.S. audiences.

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