So this is the inaugural post for my blog devoted to film.  I should not first and foremost that I am not a filmmaker, nor do I have a desire to make films.  While I appreciate the art of film making, I am directly concerned with the study of film.  I hope, with this blog, to show that film as a form of media serves as perhaps the most poignant of social commentaries. 

This reflection that film provides for society is the inspiration for the blogs name combining the words cinema and simulacrum (meaning a close, but not exact, replica of something).  I will use the blog to review, discuss, revisit and analyze film.  As it evolves I hope for days to become devoted to certain film genres, fields of study or DVD companies (I am looking at you Criterion).  I will incorporate my own learning in regards to film studies, which include feminist theory, critical race theory, historical analysis and a very minimal understanding of psychoanalysis. 

I welcome anyone with a inkling of interest for film to read and discuss this blog.  I hope to provide a rather liberal overview of films from various eras, countries and genres each proving to be relevant to their contemporary society.

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