All Over The World, Kids Are Getting Down: The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down (2006)

Some films dance around the edge of being genius yet in the end fail to offer anything impressive.  Paul Sapiano's indie comedy The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down is precisely such a film.  It is an "insiders" guide to hipster culture as it relates to Los Angeles and nothing more.  In fact, the film could easily been a blog or book and delivered the same amount of humor or advice.  It has moments of humor, and a few notable tips on bar hopping, but in the end, it simply exists as another teen comedy complete with swearing, nudity and textbook stereotyping.  The film, despite its flashy graphics, has all been done before...much better.

The film is a mockumentary of sorts, focusing on a large cast of characters attempting to obtain everything from free drinks to one-night stands, showing little concern for much beyond this point.  It is apparent that the film is focused on helping individuals maintain one of Maslow's most basic needs and at no time attempts to step up the next block of the pyramid.  The film breaks down every essential to young adult nightlife including house parties, drug deals, and even promotes drunk driving.  In the end, it leaves little to be learned beyond the simple fact that a bunch of young rich kids can act irrationally with no real repercussions. 

I have no in depth commentary for this film, as it provides nothing but basic advice, which is completely idiotic and on more than one occasion life threatening.  It is a mockumentary that attempts to be brilliant, yet looses itself in the humor so much that its message is tragically uninspired.  Unless you really desire to see young adults going at it for sport, I would recommend avoiding this film.

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