My Film World: The Criterion Cast

I will admit up front that I am behind the game in terms of podcasting.  I know that it has been a phenomenon for quite sometime and many established comedians, entertainers and journalists have their own weekly podcasts.  However, I have stumbled upon a particularly good film podcast that focuses specifically on films in The Criterion Collection.  As is probably apparent from many of my past blogs I am quite fond of The Criterion Collection, yet find myself lacking individuals to discuss the films with in depth.  Fortunately for me the folks over at The Criterion Cast provide such discussions.  Their weekly podcast focus on one film within the collection, while also talking about all news related to The Criterion Collection.  The discussions are often quite ponderous and always funny, incorporating film criticism and a deep respect for the art of making movies.  It is a small podcast, with a group of diehard fans and I thought it necessary to mention them on my blog.  More information is available at their website and podcasts are available for free in the Itunes store.  Download an episode, I am certain you will continue to download them well after the first listen.

 (The Criterion Cast's recent review of the 1964 film Robinson Crusoe on Mars is one of their best and funniest episodes to date.)

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