Top Ten Thursdays: Food In Movies

First off, let me wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I figured the best way to celebrate was to do a Top Ten Thursday on the best food scenes in movies.  My list may be a bit biased given my rather young age, but here are ten movies with food scenes that I think are particularly good.

10. Pulp Fiction (1994)

From faux-fifties diners to a "Royale with cheese" everything about food in Pulp Fiction is hip and necessary of acknowledgement on this list.

9. American Pie (1999)

"It feels like warm apple pie..."

8. Do The Right Thing (1988)

As should be obvious by now, I never shy away from a chance to mention my personal favorite film.  However, this film is justifiable in its inclusion as Sal's Pizzeria is the center for much of the action in Spike Lee's heated drama.

7. Waiting... (2005)

While it is by no means the best movie ever made, Waiting... does provide a rather accurate looking into the Food and Beverage industry and is certainly respectable for that aspect.

6. Cool Hand Luke (1967)

"No man can eat fifty eggs."

5. Chungking Express (1994)

One of Wong Kar-Wai's masterpieces, Chungking Express focuses on a group of lovers whose lives intersect around a small, but deliciously stocked take-out booth.

4. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)

While Bunuel's late work is undeniably political, this dark satire focuses on a group of wealthy individuals who attempt to sit down for a meal only to find themselves constantly blocked by a variety of forces.

3. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (1971)

A truly psychadelic work, this movie is a nightmarish blend of candy, childhood longing and a masterful performance by Gene Wilder.

2. A Woman, A Gun, And A Noodle Shop (2009)

This Chinese remake of Blood Simple has one of the coolest cooking scenes ever filmed....ever.

1. I Am Love (2009)

If you ever find yourself curious about how an individual should go about filming food, watch I Am Love.  It is an aria on film and its shots of preparing and consuming food are veritable cinematic feast.

Honorable Mention

Chocolat (2000)
Super Size Me (2004)
I Like Killing Flies (2004)

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