Father, Forever You Wrestle Inside Me: The Tree of Life (2011)

Prior to viewing this film, I read countless reviews that claimed Terrence Malick's most recent film to be utterly indescribable.  I assumed this to be a simplistic avoidance of what was to my knowledge a rather deeply philosophical film.  I assured myself that once I was able to see this film I would offer up my own answer to this lack of commentary with a dense and well directed review.  Gladly, however,  I am like these other viewers incapable of providing any vision as to how truly magnificent this piece of cinema was to me.  I can say this however, Malick put more effort into making this film than most people put into their entire lives.  I am not offering you a review beyond this, but instead a list of a few thoughts as they relate to this film.  I strongly encourage you to see it is theaters as it will invariably change everything you know about cinema, and arguably your life.  I know it is a drastic statement, but it is sincerely offered from a rather humbled film scholar.  With that being said here are some thoughts.

Malick offers a two plus hour set of images that each stand alone as moments of art.

Malick has made a film that transcends itself into a realm of spiritual and cerebral exuberance.

It is the most emotional response I have had to a movie since childhood.

It is simultaneously singular and universal in its audience.

For those not prepared for the experience...it could very well ravish you.

Malick has taken a vision of the heavens and offered it to us...it would be a sin not to enjoy the immaculate vision.

Again please see this movie...that is all.

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